Texas Sorghum Insider

September 12, 2012

TGPIB Referendum Near – The Texas Grain Producer Indemnity Board (TGPIB) will hold a referendum for the establishment of a Texas grain indemnity fund in the coming months. The TGPIB was set-up as part of legislation that was passed in 2011 after many grain buyer financial failures occurred across the state. The TGPIB will mitigate up to 90 percent of the financial losses suffered by producers of corn, sorghum, wheat and soybeans when a grain buyer experiences a financial failure. The fund will be voted on by Texas grain producers between Nov. 19, 2012 through Dec. 7, 2012. A producer is eligible to vote once if he/she sold grain in the 36 months prior to Dec. 7, 2012. Ballots will be available at all Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service county offices, and must be postmarked by Dec. 7 and mailed to the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) to be counted. The referendum must pass with a  two-thirds vote and if it does, the assessments will be put into place on Feb. 1, 2013. If producers vote to start the fund, the “first point of sale” grain buyer will collect the assessment when producers sell their grain, and then they will remit to the TGPIB. The rules adopted by the TGPIB set an assessment range of 0.2 percent to 0.6 percent of the final sale price of the grain. The TGPIB will set a minimum fund balance necessary to cover all anticipated administrative and operating costs, and a reasonable estimate of the indemnity claim payments. Once the fund reaches an amount determined by the TGPIB as sufficient to cover the risk, a refund process will be initiated to refund assessments on a first in, first out basis. The fund will be managed by TGPIB and the money can only be used for the indemnity fund program. To learn more about the fund, please visit www.TexasGrainIndemnity.org.

Sorghum Leadership Class I Begins – Last week, fifteen sorghum farmers from across eight states, started the beginning session of their Sorghum Leadership experience. The purpose of the first session was to educate the class on sorghum research and the seed industry. The class toured the Texas High Plains visiting Chromatin in Idalou, USDA-ARS in Lubbock, Pioneer in Plainview, Richardson Seeds in Vega and viewed a presentation from Advanta. The purpose of the program is to develop the next generation of leaders in the sorghum industry. The next stop for their class will be held in Kansas in November to learn about domestic markets and public research. The Sorghum Checkoff (USCP) is sponsoring the program because it feels future leadership in sorghum is a vital part to the industry. Paul Morris of Hubbard, Tex. and Joey Rieder of Sinton, Tex. are the two participants from Texas in the program. To view the class and learn more about it, visit www.sorghumcheckoff.com/leadership-sorghum.

USGS Conducting Global Sorghum Assessment – The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) will be conducting a comprehensive global sorghum assessment over the course of the remaining calendar year. The assessment will cover issues including a competitor analysis to derive the best way to market U.S. sorghum’s competitive advantage and new opportunities for U.S. sorghum market expansion. This assessment will allow the USGC to better understand current markets and engage markets that haven’t traditionally used sorghum. This assessment should help the Council to use producer funds more efficiently in the international marketplace. TGSB and USCP currently fund the Council to enhance the sorghum industry through international markets.

Watch Videos on Sorghum – The Sorghum Checkoff (USCP) has brought sorghum videos to your desktops, laptops, smartphones and iPads! The program has put together various videos related to sorghum and has posted them on their website and YouTube. You can view videos ranging from the information about the checkoff to watching sorghum harvest and even hear from past yield contest winners. To view the videos go to www.sorghumcheckoff.com/newsroom/videos-2 or simply search “sorghum checkoff” on YouTube.

Sign-Up for NSP’s Yield & Management Contest – Don’t forget to enroll in the yearly National Sorghum Producers (NSP) Yield & Management Contest to compete with other farmers and against your county averages for the best sorghum yields in the nation. It’s not too late, so visit www.sorghumgrowers.com for an entry form, instructions, deadlines and rules. This year’s winners will receive a trip to the 2013 Commodity Classic held in Kissimmee, Florida!