Board Members

There are three districts across the state (North, Central and South). Each district has three board members, for a total of nine board positions across the state. Each district has two producer board members, who are current members of TGSA and are voted on by current members of TGSA in their district. Each district also has one associate board member, who are current associate members (Texas Elevator Members or Texas Corporate Members) and are voted on by TGSA associate members in their district. Elevator e-members are voluntary dues collected by the participating elevator on behalf of the growers. If your elevator is an e-member, then you are an associate member. To obtain a copy of our election document and/or bylaws, please contact us!

President – Jay Wilder, Snook (C)
Vice-President – Charles Ray Huddleston (C)
Secretary/Treasurer – Jim Massey IV, Robstown (S)

North (N) District Members:
At-Large – Dale Artho, Wildorado (2026)
Producer – Brittan Gruhlkey, Wildorado (2026)
Producer – Daniel Krienke, Perryton (2024)
Associate – Marc Adams, CoBank (2025)

Central (C ) District Members:
Producer – Jay Wilder, Snook (2025)
Producer – Charles Ray Huddleston, Celina (2026)
Associate – Warren Mayberry, DuPont Pioneer (2024)

South (S) District Members:
Producer – Jim Massey IV, Robstown (2026)
Producer – Danny Beyer, Odem (2025)
Associate – Chris Yaklin, Gulf Coast Coop (2024)